What are Ultherapy Safety and Side Effects?


Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure of cosmetic nature that makes use of the technology of ultrasound to stimulate the formation of new collagen, which is situated deep below the surface of the skin. The production of new collagen is a time-consuming procedure that can become quite apparent over two or three months while leading up to six months. This therapy is the only non-invasive procedure that penetrates deep within the skin while stimulating the collagen production and elastin in the body to obtain natural-looking results without any kind of surgery. Hence, it is scientifically proven that therapy boosts collagen effectively.

How does it work?

Ultherapy effectively works by utilizing Micro-focussed ultrasound to stimulate the layers within the skin. Through the generation of a thermal effect, the process of ultherapy jump-starts the natural ability to create new collagen for obtaining toning and firming results. This process is different from that of lasers, surgery, and radiofrequency. In ultherapy, the skin’s surface becomes focussed with imaging that can target the particular and appropriate amount of depth and temperature for optimal precision. This procedure delivers ultrasound energy concentrated at specific, precise depths and temperatures to initiate neocollagenesis.

Common areas of treatment

Ultherapy treatment can harness ultrasound power to transform the chest, neck, chin, and brow. Dropiness in the eyebrows might make a person look sleepy or simply old. Ultherapy is a non-surgical option that is quite handy and approved. They lift eyebrows which have begun to hang slightly and look droopy. In the chin and neck region, ultherapy helps people replenish the saggy nature of the chin and the neck, which is an alternative for lifting the face. In the upper chest, ultherapy can be applied so that tightening of the skin can take place.

Safety and side effects

  • A detailed explanation of the potential risks as well as side effects of Ultherapy

There have been reports of nerve damage by many patients post ultherapy. Thus, experts warn service users that there may be occurrences of numbness, weakening of muscles, pain, paraesthesia, and tingling sensation following the procedure. However, this may subside within six weeks of the treatment. Often, reports of disfigurement, permanent injuries to nerves of the face region, and tingling can also occur. Often ultherapy might also lead to the occurrence of eye damage. Scarring can often arise due to undertaking this technique, but this happens when the expert conducting the process is not doing it correctly. Fat atrophy leading to sunken and sagging skin is also evident due to the process of ultherapy.

  • Minimizing the chances of experiencing side effects

To minimize the chances of experiencing side effects after ultherapy treatment, the service users should avoid using makeup up to 24 hours after the process. This should be done to allow the skin to remain clean and natural. The consumer should not expose the skin to the sun for at least two weeks after the treatment, allowing the skin to heal quickly and slowly. As a measure of protection, sunscreen with high SPF should be applied on the skin before stepping outdoors. Caffeine and alcohol consumption should be strictly prohibited up to 24 hours after undergoing treatment. The person should not indulge in any kind of strenuous physical activity for up to 24 hours after treatment.

  • How to deal with side effects if they occur

Procedural ultherapy cost is not a very minimum; hence, anyone would like to lead a life without many problems. Any kind of side effects is expected to subside quickly with time. The service user should be patient enough to allow the irritation to subside slowly and gradually with time. Itching and disturbing the areas of sensation may enhance redness, swelling.

Before and Aftercare

  • Things to expect before the procedure

While going for an ultherapy treatment, service users might expect to experience quick and intermittent feelings of tingling and heat throughout the entire treatment. The service user might expect to receive any kind of pain medication if discomfort arises while the procedure of ultherapy is in progress. When the process is over, the applicator is removed.

  • Getting prepared for the treatment

Not much is required to become prepared for an ultherapy treatment. The minimal procedure involves eating and drinking regularly, exercising, working according to routines, and doing every possible activity. The person undergoing the treatment should remove all the makeup and other skin care products. The service users should remain prepared because they would experience some discomfort during the process, indicating that this procedure is already working.

  • Expected results after the treatment

Results of ultherapy treatment procedures usually appear slowly, throughout 4 to 6 months. It has been found that there will be a dramatic improvement in the skin’s elasticity within two to three months after the commencement of the treatment. Also, it has been found that the experiences of skin tightening shall continue to become enhanced for up to six months after the subsidal of the treatment.

  • Recommendations to optimize the results

Maximizing or optimizing the results of ultherapy is crucially needed. This shall be done by taking proper consultation with the dermatologist who can begin a customized skin care program. Such skin care programs can enhance the stimulation and formation of collagen fibers within the skin’s layers while exfoliating the skin’s surface. Some follow-up ultherapy sessions may also help maintain optimum results over time.


It can be concluded that the ultherapy procedure is a shortened protocol that is quite well-tolerated by people undertaking a regime of transforming their skin into flawless and glowy. Aesthetic improvements of this procedure are evident, making it one of the popular choices for people in parts of India. Some quite eminent dermatologists provide authentic Ultherapy treatment in Bangalore.

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