Ultherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to neutralize signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging skin, and drooping of the brow area. There are only few best ultherapy mHIFU treatment clinic in Mumbai that offer procedures to counteract the skin problems, without involving surgeries. The best thing about ultherapy/mHIFU (micro High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is that it doesn’t have any downtime and can be used to lift and tighten the skin, giving a radiant, younger looking skin by improving the wrinkles and fine lines.

Which areas of the body it is used: The mHIFU procedure is a therapeutic and skin rejuvenation process that uses ultrasound waves to melt or ablate the tissues and thus can counteract the aging of the skin. A variety of locations on the body can be addressed by this revolutionary treatment.

  • Neck: The neck is most likely to be one of the first areas to show the signs of aging. Sagging, loose and dull skin is most common to develop in this part of the body. Ultherapy mHIFU is the most preferred way to firm the sagging skin on the neck.
  • Chin: Although the chin is a small part of the face, still a chin with loose skin can create lot of difference to the appearance. Luckily, this procedure can enhance the appearance dramatically by working on the loose skin.
  • Chest: Aging develops wrinkles and fine lines on the chest commonly known as decolletage. The result is sagged, wrinkled skin which can be addressed quite effectively with ultherapy.
  • Brows: With age, the skin on the eyebrows drops and sag. The hooding of the brows and the eyelids can be corrected to a great extent with safe and gentle ultherapy treatments.

Results: The results of this procedure can vary from person to person, but in general it starts appearing from 3rd to 4th week and by the end of 2 months significant and visible results can be seen.  The treatment uses ultrasound to tighten the skin and increase the collagen production. Improved collagen levels work to enhance the skin from within and depending on the individual person’s response to the treatment, an optimal outcome is achieved.

Side-effects: The side-effects of ultherapy mHIFU are generally very mild and typically subside soon after the procedure. The treated skin areas can sometimes experience swelling and tenderness and can become flushed or red but are most likely to disappear within a few days.

Sessions: The no of sessions totally depends on the requirement of user in terms of the areas being treated. But it is quite common to experience significant improvements in the treated areas right after the single session.

Post procedure: There is absolutely no downtime associated with ultherapy mHIFU. Regular work, exercise and other activities can be resumed immediately after the session. Depending on the ability of the body to produce collagen, the very first results can be noticed within a few days. The results will last till the time the body continues to produce newer collagen.

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