Aesthetics treatments have shaped it viable to get a stiffer and rigid skin at a hasty rate collated to creams without having a spot to intrusive surgical processes. Thermage is one of the most effective aesthetics treatments.


Thermage is a non-invasive radiofrequency therapy that helps to stiffen your skin. It is a mechanism of skin tightening using radiofrequency which perforates extremely into the dermal layer of skin.

It has the mechanism which provides RF energy to the deeper layers of skin. It causes heating that instantly stiffens your skin tissue and structures. It generates heat and needs the synchronous use of a cooling spray to cool the upper layer of skin. It involves the use of aesthetics creams and nerve blocks. It is not recommended for people with hard layers of fat and unleashes muscles.

Where Is It Used?

  • Face– It is mostly used for the face. The result of thermage remains up-to two years. It is an easy way to create new collagen and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. Thermage is an effective facial treatment.
  • Stomach– It is best for men and women who want to shape their stomach. It provides effective results as compared to any surgical procedure.
  • Eye Wrinkles– This treatment is also effective for skin area around eyes. This is a sensitive area that needs more care and attention. It is a non-surgical process which reduces wrinkles around eyes. This process will not treat under eye fat.

Other areas where thermage is used: –

  • Neck
  • Thighs
  • Hands
  • Legs
  • Knees
  • Buttocks


Thermage treatment involves one device platform with a wide number of treatment tips. Every feature of this device is distinctive to target different treatment areas for a particular patient. Comfort Pulse Technology is a new technology which produces heat for the device. The reason behind using thermage technology is that it is suitable for all skin types.


Aesthetics treatment provides the most effective results which are as follows: –

  • The smooth texture of the skin
  • Decreased jowls
  • Better jawline
  • Softer wrinkles, scowl lines, crow’s feet lines, forehead lines

This treatment obtains these results by intending the dermal layer of skin. Results are instant and enhance over time.

Side Effects

A few side effects may include: –

  • Temporary swelling and redness
  • Rare burns
  • Scars that fades away with time
  • Mild soreness
  • Tingling and burning sensation

Usually, the side effects of thermage are less than 1%. Hence, the technology is quite safe.


The sessions required depends upon the type of skin and needs of the patient. A good skin doctor can tell you better. Many people find apt results only in one session. Some may need three or four sessions.

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