Psoriasis, a chronic skin condition which occurs due to the overactive immune system and affects 1-2% of the general population. Psoriasis ranges from mild to severe types. Sometimes, it involves joints as well which is termed as psoriatic arthritis. Psoriasis patients have a higher risk of metabolic disorders like diabetes as well as cardiac complications. It can be present in children too. Hence it is advised to consult Dr. Shoma Sarkar, one of the Best Doctor for Psoriasis in Mumbai, before the problem becomes severe.

Psoriasis has a genetic predisposition. Mechanical, chemical or radiation trauma can initiate or worsen psoriasis. Most patients are young or middle age adults, though age doesn’t matter here. Males are affected a little more frequently than females. Psoriasis appears as thick silvery scales. After scratching the scales, they leave pinpoint bleeding marks. The areas normally affected are knees, elbows, lower back, and scalp.

Types of psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis – Thick scales are found on the scalp which extends the hairline.

Palmoplantar psoriasis – Symmetric reddish patches covered with thick and large scales affecting palms and soles is the typical presentation. If untreated painful fissures can supervene and affect day to day activities.

Nail psoriasis – Nails are involved secondary to nail bed and nail matrix. Numerous pits in the nail plate are the commonest manifestation.

Guttate psoriasis – The variant is common in children and has the best prognosis, guttate drops like lesions with white scale appear all over the body, especially the trunk. Lesions resolve within one or two months.

Erythrodermic psoriasis – widespread scaling and redness are present, it is one of the most severe forms and requires hospitalization.

Inverse psoriasis – erythematous well-defined plaques over axillae and groins without prominent scaling.

Psoriatic arthritis – about 15% of psoriatics develop arthritis sometime during their life. Psoriatic arthritis affects the distal interphalangeal joints or mimics rheumatoid arthritis.

Patients with psoriasis are usually depressed and withdraw from social activities. People who drink excessively, or have conditions like obesity, diabetes, and ischaemic heart disease are prone to psoriasis than the general population.


Topical therapies are used. For best Psoriasis treatments visit a top dermatologist or an expert skin doctor.

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