Obagi Blue Peel

Introduction To  Obagi Blue Peel

The Obagi Blue Peel is a highly-advanced treatment that helps the skin look younger and makes it glow. It is a medium-depth facial chemical peel procedure that when applied and peeled from your skin’s surface, will remove all the acne and marks. It keeps the skin out of unusual protuberances. It rejuvenates the skin regardless of age, skin color or type. It accelerates your transformation and offers healthier skin.

How Does An Obagi Blue Peel Work?

Obagi blue peel works on the principle of removing dead and damaged skin cells from the layers in depth of skin and replace them with living and healthier skin cells. It is based on the application of mixing Trichloroacetic acid with a blue solution. The removal of the dead skin cells exfoliate the skin and help achieve tighter, clearer and healthier skin. Obagi blue peel is preferred over a full-skin layer laser resurfacing because it takes considerably lesser time to recover.

Where Can It Be Used?

The treatment can be performed on the face as well as arms, legs, and neck. It reduces or completely removes wrinkles, unusual skin pigmentations, sun damage or even unhealthy skin.


After a successful Obagi blue peel treatment, one can expect a total rejuvenation of your skin. The peel automatically removes damaged skin layers, improves the skin tone, reduces the number of scars, unusual pigmentations and helps maintain healthier skin. If the skin is youthful, one will instantly see the glow on the skin.


Obagi blue peel treatment can be performed as many times as you desire until the results are achieved. It is usually performed at a four-week interval if multiple treatments are required. Obagi blue peel treatment if performed annually guarantees long-term maintenance of healthy and happy skin.

Sessions Required

The treatment procedure will require a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes for a particular condition. The Obagi blue peel usually requires a minimum of two treatments or more. Both the treatments are spaced out over weeks or even months, to help the skin heal and reveal its initial glow. Some patients with relatively dark or poor skin conditions may also need three to four treatments. Overall, the Obagi blue peel has helped all kinds of patients with different ages and skin types to achieve healthier and happier skin.

Post Procedure: The first 2days the client has mild redness and swelling which subsides by the 3rd day evening & the peeling starts on that particular area, this is the time when the client has to take care of the skin with the help of prescribed sunscreen & moisturizers, if not taken care one can end up having infection & post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. After the peel, the cleansers should not be used 6 to 7hrs & then followed by moisturizers & sunscreen. Avoid scrubbing and any other procedure immediately.

It is advisable to do this treatment from an experienced skin specialist.

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