Medi-facial is a method of skin brightening by using various cream, lasers, serums, chemicals etc. In some types of Medi-facial, a medical pigment lightening agent is used with galvanic current to brighten the skin. The enzymes that are used are very mild in nature and these peeling agents restore the radiance of a healthy skin. There are some unique kind of effective and result-driven Medi-facials, that are available in the market which have some special benefits of its own and have great features and characteristics.


Medi-facial is a type of noninvasive cosmetic procedure which do not cause any pain or scarring. This is an advanced type of treatment because it uses pharmaceutical grade solutions. This procedure helps to remove impurities from deep within and intensely hydrates the skin with potent serums, like hydroxy acids, antioxidants. These serums rejuvenate the skin from deep within. In this process, a specialized vacuum handpiece is used, embedded with an abrasion tip that is designed to rotate and gently exfoliate the skin while applying this soothing solution.


Custom Medi-facial begins with a thorough evaluation of your skin and it also includes gentle cleansing of the skin and steam when it is necessary. Generally, Medi-facials are ideal for all skin types. For sensitive skin, skin with conditions, skin with active acne, etc., the treatment depends on the application of special serums with a light massage and hydration which will protect the skin for the rest of the day. Make sure, you visit a dermatologist or a skin specialist who is experienced in this field and well trained and is also familiar with the entire procedure.


This type of Medi-facial helps in improving the skin condition such as acne and dull skin and give an instant glow. Some special series of cleansers and serums are also available, and with the use of these, you can experience a very radiant, beautiful, and younger looking skin.


As we age, our skin starts looking dull and lacks the luster and glow. This indicates that you need something that can gently recover and improve your skin tone which will let you feel more confident and satisfied. Go for Medi-facial in such a case. It is an investment that is worth, and you will get the good result from it.


This treatment involves a step-by step procedure which includes the following.

  • First step is the cleansing process, where a cleansing gel is used to clean the skin and remove the dead cells and dirt.
  • The next step involves application of a mixture of salicylic acids and glycolic acids, which helps in further cleaning.
  • In the last step, all the impurities of the skin including oil, dirt, excess sebum, blackheads etc. are removed with the help of an instrument.


Medi-facials can give a beautiful and a clear skin which is free of blemishes and impurities.

  • This treatment offers long lasting effects
  • It is a pain-less process as there is no needles and pinching involved.
  • This procedure is done in a single sitting of 45 mins to an hour.
  • No downtime is associated because this treatment does not cause irritation, redness, or any other reaction.
  • This skincare treatment can be used for all skin types as it can be customized accordingly.


The no of sessions required depends upon skin quality, age, need etc. You need to consult a good skin doctor who can guide you about the sessions needed that suits your requirement. Sometimes it requires just one session to feel the results, and sometimes more no of sessions might be needed.

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