Glow Peel

In this procedure, we use a peel which is a concentration of lactic acid, Vitamin E, Citric Acid, and Arginine. This peel instantly gives a glow and without any downtime.

The peel is very mild and has agents which help in neutralizing the free oxygen radicals, thus giving the skin a refreshed look.

The skin looks more radiant and this peel is also combined with hydrameso therapy, where Vitamins like Vitamin C & Vitamin E, HA are penetrated into the skin which adds up to the glow and also revitalizes the skin from within. This peels also hydrates the skin simultaneously as it contains lactic acid. Followed by which we use a nourishing pack which consists of natural mineral & salts.

This peel can be done once in every week for 8 to 10 sessions. Also, can be taken any time before any function.
This peel can be done in all the age groups and both sexes. This peel can also be done on the body like hands, neck, and back.

It is extremely important to do this procedure under the supervision of a good cosmetologist.

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