Glow facial

In this polluted world, you have to take care of you and your skin. Your facial glow gets effected by the pollution and the rough environment. You have to take good care of your skin to look radiant and natural. Glow Facial comes to rescue when your skin gets badly effected as this facial is considered to be one of the best skin care treatments.

There are many treatments available for making your skin look beautiful and radiant and Glow Facial is one of them. It can effectively treat acne, dead cells, dull and sagged skin, sunburn, blackheads etc.


It is a combination treatment that uses the skin peel and LED phototherapy for intense skin cleansing which leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. It is a highly effective procedure to enhance the glow and health of the skin.

Pre-procedure workup

Your skin care doctor or specialist will first thoroughly examine your skin type and check out for allergies or skin sensitivity.

Session for Glow Facial

It is recommended by the cosmetologists to go for a minimum of 3 sessions. You can take a 2-week interval between the sessions. After these sessions, the result will last up to 4-5 months.

These sessions include cleansing for brightening your skin, exfoliating for soothing the layer of your skin, light extraction of the impurities, mask, and therapy, and finally the skin booster serums.


During the post-procedure, detailed check-ups are done to see the effects of the treatment on the skin and also if there are any bruising or any kind of problem or discomfort that has occurred during or after the treatment.

Taking care after the procedure 

In order to get the maximum benefits, you need to take some precautions which includes:

  • Avoid going out for 3-4 days especially under the strong sunlight.
  • Do not apply makeup or any other chemical product apart from the ones recommended by your specialist.
  • Avoid doing exercise and sauna bath after skin treatment.
  • If you are stepping out, then SPF 30 should be worn and applied after every 2 hours


If any kind of complications are noticed on the skin then, you need to consult your dermatologist. Few of these minor complications might include:

  • Mild swelling in the treated areas.
  • Mild redness and bruising on the treated area.

Benefits of Glow Facial

Some of the amazing benefits of Glow Facial are:

  • Removes the scars left by acne and treats acne
  • Removes dullness and sagginess from your skin
  • Gives a firmer and a clearer skin
  • Helps to treat enlarged pores and make the pores smaller
  • Get a totally refreshed and a toned face

Key takeaways

Glow Facial is an amazing way to treat all the skin concerns and the results are also quite long lasting. The no of sessions needed will be known after the detailed examination of the skin, and also according to the requirement of the user. Go for this procedure from one of the top dermatologist.

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