Black Peel

Black peel is a natural organic peel used to treat pimples, marks & oily skin. Black peel is developed for clearing up oily blemishes, the key ingredient is Acetic Acid obtained through the fermentation of black rice and it has been well known in Asia for traditional healthy vinegar. It has long been used for health benefits due to the high content of organic materials, minerals essential amino acids. Black peel is added with salicylic acid and Jasmonic acid to improve oily problem skin. It also contains potassium iodide to relieve skin irritation and Bio sulphur to dry to sebum.

Black peel is done on all stages of Acne. Multiple sessions are required depending upon the severity of Acne. Black peel is very effective and has a mild downtime like scaling for few days. It is repeated once in 21 days. The results can be appreciated right from the 1st session.

The skin is cleansed, toned and then extraction is done (blackheads & whiteheads). Then black peel is applied. 2 to 3 coats of peel are applied over the oozing or bleeding acne, lesions opened by extraction then it is left for 5 to 10min and removed with a wet sponge.

Post-procedure Bio light and Sebohydra infused mask is applied to the face to calm down and hydrate the irritated skin. Black peel is also very effective in treating Body Acne. It is very important to go for this treatment under the observation of a good cosmetic dermatologist.

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