Myths of Hair Fall

Have you for once in your life, believed that your mother is to be blamed for your hair loss, or wearing hats causes baldness?

In this article, Dr Soma Sarkar, considered to be the Best Dermatologist in Bandra, Mumbai has said that myths and misconceptions about hair loss leave people confused and dejected. It is a matter of fact that people are unable to differentiate between fact and fiction when it comes to hair loss. You must have wondered about the crazy hair myths that keep going around. That is because despite living in a modern world, many people are still governed by myths and old wives’ tales when it comes to taking care of their hair.

Well, if you are tired of trying out which myth is true, and which is not, we have listed out several myths that you need to stop believing in.

  • Shampooing frequently contributes to Alopecia Areata: Not at all!! Frequently washing your hair with shampoo will not cause hair loss. In fact, washing hair keep it moisturized and soft. Skin Doctors in Mumbai can provide you with several treatments like PRP Therapy, Dermarollers, Mesotherapy, and some advanced treatments as well depending upon the condition of the hair.
  • You inherit hair loss from your mother: Genetics is definitely one of the most common cause of hair loss, and actually some genes from both sides of the family play a role, and you can inherit the hair loss trait from either side of your family.
  • Men suffer more hair loss than women: This is not true. Hair loss in women is just as common as in men. The male pattern baldness (MPB) is responsible for hair loss in more than 95% of men. It is a typical pattern of hereditary baldness caused due to the hereditary genes which one gets from their parents. Treatments include Minoxidil Therapy, PRP Therapy, and Dermarollers. In female pattern baldness, the hair loss can happen due to family history, hormonal changes, medical conditions, medications and supplements, radiation therapy, stress, hair styles. There are also various types of hair loss found in women including Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata and Traction Alopecia. Treatments include Minoxidil Therapy, PRP Therapy and Dermarollers.
  • Wearing hats and wigs can cause hair loss: It is a myth that wearing a hat prevents the hair follicles from breathing. But the fact is that follicles do not need to breathe as they get their oxygen from the blood. If you use something on your hair that puts excessive tension or friction on your head, that might cause baldness.
  • Stress can lead to baldness: The Best Skin doctors in Mumbai have proven that hair loss is not associated with stress, unless and until you are under major traumatic stress. Even then, hair loss is temporary and hair growth returns to normal once the stress is reduced or eliminated.
  • Hair thinning happens with age: It is not true. Actually, hair thinning can happen at any age. While most people experience some loss of hair as they age, male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness can start even at early twenties. A variety of factors contribute to hair thinning like, stress, diet, lifestyle, and medical conditions like hypothyroid, diabetes etc. To know the exact cause, it is advisable to consult the top skin specialist in Mumbai – Dr. Soma Sarkar.
  • Shaving hair promotes hair growth: Its untrue. Shaving your hair does not actually affect the follicles in your scalp. And the follicles determine the hair growth, giving you healthy hairs. PRP injections trigger the natural regrowth of hair and it is maintained due to the increased blood supply to the hair follicles. It also increases the thickness of the hair shaft.
  • Vitamins may help stop hair loss: Not at all. It is too good to be true that vitamins can regrow all the hairs. In fact, intake of vitamins must be avoided, because excessive intake of vitamin E might accelerate hair loss.

There are lot of myths and rumours about what causes hair loss and what causes hair growth.  But it would be prudent to consult the Best Skin Specialist in Mumbai or visit the Best Skin Clinic in Mumbai to educate yourself on the science and the facts and make the condition of your hair worse by assuming things.

Dr. Soma Sarkar is the one of the acclaimed and Best Skin Doctor in Bandra, Mumbai. Her proven and approved step by step methods have helped her gain the trust of her patients. And this is the reason her patients always come back to her again and again. Dr Soma has never failed to impress her patients because of the detailed work procedure that she and her team follows.

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