CoolSculpting for the Most Sought-After Areas of the Body

Have you longed for a slender and toned-down body? Are you tired of checking out the list of the best CoolSculpting doctor in Mumbai?

Well, you need to have a clear understanding of the fundamental facts about the procedure like, the quantity of treatment sessions you will need, the areas of the body that can be treated, how long does the effects last etc.

What is CoolSculpting: CoolSculpting is the most popular non-invasive FDA-cleared body contouring procedure that dramatically reduces the visible fat bulges in different areas of the body. Under the supervision of a top skin specialist in Mumbai, this procedure safely and effectively eliminates the stubborn layers of fat. The process involves cooling or freezing of adipose tissue to break down fat cells, without damage to other tissues and then eliminate them from the body.

Best areas of the body for CoolSculpting: Clarified by some of the best dermatologist in Mumbai most of the common stubborn areas of fat can be easily addressed with CoolSculpting, as these areas have small pockets of pinchable soft fat. Have a deeper look at how CoolSculpting works to beautifully transform these common areas.

  • Flanks (Love handles): Fat bulges on the waistline can be managed easily with CoolSculpting, as this area of fat responds incredibly well to this treatment, even when weight loss diets and medications has left them seemingly untouched. Imagine the level of confidence you will have while wearing slimmer shirts and pants.
  • Thighs (Inner and Outer): Thigh fat is difficult to deal with because of its resistance to exercise, but CoolSculpting is useful in producing excellent results in the inner and the outer thigh areas. The skin on the inner thighs is easier to pinch in contrary to the fat cells on the outer thigh or “saddle bags”, but still can be treated quite well with CoolSculpting.
  • Abdomen (Upper and lower): The belly is a common problem area for both men and women, because most people are genetically susceptible to store extra body fat here. But ironically enough, this area is the most popular CoolSculpting target areas. And CoolSculpting also does a perfect job because the results are so impressive.
  • Double chin (Chin area): CoolSculpting has shown outstanding results for reducing double chin fat. For people who have a tendency for fullness under the chin, CoolSculpting is the best way to sculpt the area because no chin exercise serves the purpose. In fact, there is a mini CoolSculpting applicator specially made to treat the chin area.
  • Upper Arms: The areas around our upper arms is sagging, fluffy and plump and this the reason why CoolSculpting can give amazing results post treatment. This is another popular target area for CoolSculpting, particularly for women because, only then the sleek and slender arms can be perfect for sleeveless dresses.
  • Back Fat (Bra-Bulge): CoolSculpting is proven to be quite effective in eliminating fat on the back, known as “bra bulge”, that is fat under the bra line. The tissues here are typically made of pinchable soft fat, so these are great locations to have CoolSculpting done. This will make you feel comfortable and open up the clothing options as well.
  • Underneath the buttocks (Banana roll): The fat tissue pouches that forms under the buttocks are known as “banana rolls”. This area of fat can be easily and effectively treated with CoolSculpting. When left untreated, this area can form a bumpy appearance beneath the buttocks. Fortunately, this area responds to CoolSculpting treatments quite well for a slimmer lower buttock.

Cost involved in the procedure: The CoolSculpting cost in Mumbai or the cost associated with this procedure depends upon the areas getting contoured, the number of sessions required for the desired result, the skin doctor you are consulting with and lot other factors. You need to visit the best skin clinic in Mumbai to get the optimum results.

Who is an ideal candidate for this procedure? CoolSculpting is considered to be the safest treatment as per the best skin doctor in Mumbai. Anyone who wants to get rid of the stubborn pouches of unwanted fats in several areas of the body, should go for it. But it should be done under the medical supervision of one of the top dermatologist in Mumbai.

How many sessions are required? The number of sessions totally depends on the area or areas of the body that you seek to reduce and the result desired. It is advisable to consult one of the best cosmetologist in Mumbai to get in-depth knowledge of the entire procedure and have a proper discussion before going ahead with the treatment.

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